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*70. Crowdfunding $592,467 - Khierstyn Ross


over 4 years agoApril 26, 2016
3:15 - 5:05 (2 min) What Is Crowdfunding? Is It For You? | Khierstyn Ross
9:53 - 17:26 (8 min) How To Start A Campaign Launch | Khierstyn Ross
almost 3 years agoJanuary 28, 2018
2:40 - 7:08 -> Crowfunding $592,467 For A Startup Launch! 

9:53 - 17:45 -> How To Start And launch A Crowdfunding Campaign - Khierstyn Ross
Justin Matthew Ng
almost 2 years agoFebruary 1, 2019
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Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have forever changed the way that startups raise funds to develop and ship their products. A successful crowdfunding campaign is not as simple as signing up and listing your product on one of the platforms. There’s a ton of behind the scenes work and strategy that goes into making a crowdfunding project the success it needs to be in order to get the products manufactured and to the public.

In this presentation you'll discover...

• Kickstarter versus Indiegogo: what platform you should use, whether crowdfunding could be a good option for your business, and how it is a viable model to launch an e-commerce company

• What the popularity algorithm is and why you can't ignore this in your strategy

• Pre campaign launch strategy and generating buzz through bloggers, press, social media, and friends and family... All to get early backers to cover the first 30% in the first three days after launch

• Maintaining momentum once you've hit your first sales wave in the way of cross promotion, referral contests, and stretch goals

• Campaign management, and what comes after crowdfunding!

Khierstyn Ross is an online digital advisor that's helped companies drive over $4M in sales, and specializes in online product launches with Crowdfunding. Recently she advised Toronto based startup Thin Ice on Indiegogo that raised $594,467 USD. She's an avid traveler having lived in London, Melbourne, Vancouver, and South East Asia. You can listen to her interview successful crowdfunding campaigns on her podcast: Crowdfunding Uncut.

• Khierstyn Ross made $16,710 from her first "failed" crowdfunding campaign.

• She learned from her mistakes, rebooted her campaign and raised a whooping $592,467 for Thin Ice: The Very First Weight-Loss Clothing Line (!

• Then she consulted for John Lee Dumas and helped him raise $453,803 from 7,063 backers on Kickstarter for The Freedom Journal Kickstarter Campaign (!

• And then she helped Black Hops Gold Coast Brewery ( exceed their goal of raising $10,000 to raise $17,805!

• Now she is working on her 4th crowdfunding campaign and so far she's raised $127,536 for TAPP: The World's First Smart Fingerprint Padlock (!

That's a combined total of $1,208,323 raised via crowdfunding in the past 9 months!

Khierstyn also wrote The Crowdfunding Playbook ( an all new ebook she's selling for $37 but when you pre-pay for the event via Meetup ( ($10 online / $20 at the door) I'll send you a FREEcopy of the playbook.

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